At the Law Office of Courtney Walters, Esq., we pride ourselves on creating comprehensive plans with our clients. We utilize a collaborative process to ensure our clients’ needs are satisfied. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure your family is protected.

Preparing for the Future

Estate planning is very important, and a comprehensive plan provides directions for loved ones after you pass. This relieves family members from making difficult decisions such as continuing life support or dividing assets. A detailed plan will also ensure your wishes are honored after you pass away and your family is protected as you intended.

Comprehensive Estate Plans typically include: Wills, Living Will and Health Care Surrogate Designations, Durable Power of Attorneys, Pre-need Guardian Declarations, and Trusts.

Special Needs Representation

A very important issue for parents of disabled children is how their special needs family member will be cared for and protected. Special Needs Trusts are made for the benefit of those with physical and/or mental disabilities, including those with disabilities who lack the capacity to manage their own finances. The trust is created for the specific needs, lifestyle, and future of the beneficiary.

Often times, people with disabilities qualify for government assistance such as Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, vocational rehabilitations, and subsidized housing. Many people make the mistake of leaving assets to their disabled loved ones through a will. Acquiring assets, such as a lump sum of money, can disqualify your loved one for these types of government assistance programs. Government programs such as SSI and Medicaid, ignore the trust assets when considering eligibility.

Creating a Special Needs Trust now spares your loved ones the burden after you pass away.