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Handling All Real Estate Matters

We issue title insurance and conduct title searches, prepare deeds, escrow money, review and write contracts, handle closings, review paperwork for you if you are doing the closing somewhere else.

We represent buyers, sellers, builders, Realtors, & lending institutions.

All types of real estate settlements and closings.

Negotiating contracts; resolving contract disputes.

Creation of all types of business entities in connection with real estate ownership and development, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint ventures.

Below are some of the reasons you should use an attorney in your real estate closing.

Knowledge: We are trained to guide you through one of the most significant and complicated transactions of your life.

Advocacy: Attorneys are the only professionals involved in the real estate transaction who represent you and are ethically bound to act in your interest.

Protection: Your attorney will explain the terms of your mortgage loan so you understand it and ensure the lender delivers the terms that serve your needs.

Education: Your attorney will examine the title to the property, explain any issues, make sure you understand your obligations, conduct the closing and issue title insurance.

Affordability: Real estate attorneys are not expensive and usually charge a small flat fee instead of a percentage of the sale.

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